Ariadne & Cupid Signet Ring

Ariadne & Cupid Signet Ring

The Ariadne & Cupid Signet Ring is a uniquely beautiful nod to the ancient art of intaglio. This one of a kind design is carved in carnelian with incredible detail and artistry.

The Intaglio Collection draws its strength and significance from the 12 immortal Greek Goddesses. We celebrate their global cultural influences, and the powerful symbolic connections reflecting women today.

Ariadne’s purpose is to remind each of us that happiness and celebration
should always be inspired by thoughtfulness and good judgement. She is shown with Cupid, the god of affection and desire.

  • 20K Yellow Gold
  • Carved carnelian
  • Signet measures 18mm
  • One of a Kind
  • Style Number: RY2101CAX7.25