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In 1987, Ileana Makri ventured into retail, opening her first store, Mageia, meaning "enchantment" or "magic" in Greek. This treasure chest in the heart of Athens offered an eclectic assortment of international fashion, art, and jewellery; showcasing collections from The Row, Lucien Pellat Finet, Denis Colomb, Rick Owen, and of course Ileana Makri’s signature fine jewellery collection. In her new venture into retail, the designer focuses on jewellery and accessories & inaugurates her new Ileana Makri flagship and concept jewellery store in the heart of Athens, showcasing not only her own creations but also an array of jewellery and accessories from talented designers from around the world. She hired Greek architect Stelios Kois to envision an environment for not just her own jewelry but also for fashionable creations of other designers. As one would expect, Kois used Makri’s work and philosophy as inspiration for the new Athens store. In the “enchanted forest” that Kois created, our eyes are drawn to the strong, angular lines of the glass-and-metal display "trees" on which breathtaking pieces of jewellery are displayed.

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