Hera and Nike Hoops
Hera and Nike Hoops

Hera and Nike Hoops


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The Hera & Nike Drops are a uniquely beautiful nod to the ancient art of intaglio, carved in hematite with incredible detail and artistry.

The Intaglio Collection draws its strength and significance from the 12 immortal Greek Goddesses. We celebrate their global cultural influences, and the powerful symbolic connections reflecting women today.

Hera is queen of the gods, the embodiment and protectress of marriage and family. Nike is the goddess of strength, speed and victory. She embodies the belief that you can be and do anything. Together, this pair represents feminine strength, maternal instinct and endless possibilty.

  • 20K Yellow Gold
  • Carved hematite
  • Each drop measures 18mm x 16mm
  • Style Number: DY2104HE