Lucky Charm | Gouri 2021

It is a tradition in Greece for jewellers to design Good Luck Charms for the holiday season known in Greek as Gouria "Γούρια". The Gouri is designed to protect and bring good luck to the person wearing it for the year ahead. The designs of these lucky charms usually, somehow, incorporate the number of the given year.

For 2021 Ileana's Lucky Charm designs feature a sterling silver, Black Enamel Spade with a "21" embossed in the center, the symbol for Black Jack. The second charm is a small round medallion, reminiscent of a casino chip, with three embossed lucky "7's", the numbers for Jackpot; 7 x 3 = 21. The charm is set with a single precious stone.

We're betting on a year full of good health & good luck!

Happy Holidays!