Nichola Souelias

      Nichola Souelias is all about haute couture Jewelry, precious objects and accessories, pieces of fabulous craftsmanship. The designs focus on eye-catching pieces exuding inventive Architectural minimalism and intrinsic geometry. For the debut collection “ALIF”, the brand uses 18K gold in custom alloys of rose, white and yellow jewels, involving the use of diamonds and precious stones. Amongst all the standout jewelry pieces of Architectural Futurism in the collection is the extraordinary bracelet with geometric shapes reminiscent of Torre Agbar in Barcelona, Al Bahar Towers in Abu Dhabi, and The Gherkin in London as well as the “Pods” of London Eye. Every piece is a reminder of fluid simplicity with intricate details of unparalleled beauty. The eccentric design and exceptional craftmanship allow Nichola Souelias to produce a limited amount of pieces making them exclusive and desired.