Joanna Peters

Having completed studies in film and video, following her graduation from The Surrey Institute of Art and Design, it felt only natural to follow a path related to her first true love, drawing. On deciding to pursue her allurement to jewellery, she merged into her existence her fondness of storytelling through micro sculpture.

Joanna's pieces are all hand-made by herself, chiefly using gold and silver. Often creating natural textures so as to maintain an organic and alive feel throughout her body work. Joanna strives to involve only what is necessary for each creation. Instead of boastful pieces of jewellery, she aspires to forge an object that has character and a lightness of its own.

Her inspiration comes mainly from her close relationship to nature, its fragility and familiarity, the romance of daily life and her affection for narratives. She not only seeks to portray the beauty in the perfection of nature but passionately chooses to celebrate the beauty of its imperfections & fragility, highlighting the wonderous elegance of decay and the effect of time and life.    

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