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Dynamic ripples of yellow gold, glistening diamonds and radiant emeralds; our Cascade Collection pays homage to a force of nature that is powerful and stunning. An intricate expression of pure fluidity that is transient, yet as timeless as eternal love.
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When creating your own fairytale, you get to decide the players. Luxuriate in the symphony of jewels that reflect your own personality all the while revealing layers that you never knew existed.
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Tap into your own grace with the allure of our Crown Collection and witness the dialogue that exists between gemstones and jeweler. Expertly designed and lovingly handcrafted, each piece is an extraordinary talisman that proves the unique beauty of nature.
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hy choose a single favorite when you can wear them all together? Layer your favorite chains and charms for a look that is eclectic, unique, and perfectly shows off your personal style!
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The essence of the holidays is expressed through the richness of dazzling emeralds and the shimmer of diamonds! Our Emerald Rivulet necklace and Diamond Stream Earrings are all that you need to make a statement.
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Lustrous yellow gold and precious stones are handcrafted into designs that are infused with the drama of their natural inspirations, transposing the elegance of nature into tangible jewels.
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Whether dressing up for a festive occasion or simply to celebrate every moment, our Single Waterfall Earrings and River Dew Necklace create an unstoppable pair that will infuse you with memorability.
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Sophisticated jewels that echo the elegance of their pure inspirations. Our Diamond Stream Necklace and Single Dewdrop Earrings create a special occasion out of every moment.
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Inspired by drops of sunlight shimmering on the surface of a swiftly moving river, our Rapids Earrings honor the beauty of this natural phenomenon and mirror its loveliness in polished yellow gold and brilliant diamonds
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The dual sides of nature, fluidity and strength, are celebrated in the pairing of our Cascade Earrings and Baguette True Shield Ring, each element wondrously articulated through the refinement of yellow gold and the clarity of diamonds.
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Reminiscent of the polished jewels from The Roaring 20's, our 18k yellow gold and diamond Cascade bracelet wraps around your wrist with intoxicating fluidity.
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Gilded fluidity. Minimal elegance. Tangible radiance. Introducing Cascade, the dramatic new collection by Ileana Makri.