This collection emerged during the long, solitary hours of covid lockdown but in reality it has started years ago on many a journey around the world. I have been gathering gems and stones from travels that date as far back as the late '80s. From Peru, Jaipur, Tucson, Mystique, Mexico, Marrakesh, Ecuador, Japan, China, Vietnam, Italy and Minas Gerais to name a few... Over the years I have collected countless beads and treasures and brought them back home where they found a resting place in a big trunk that in greek is called a "baoulo". When covid started it was time for this precious "baoulo" to open and for me to travel back in time to all these amazing lands and start creating. I was especially inspired by the Agate Tibetan beads I had collected and chose to use them as the central focus of the Globetrotter collection.