Lito is a dear friend, always a positive presence and an authentic artist. We clearly share a love for jewellery and evil eyes in particular but thats just a few of the things we bond over. We love her free spirit, her dazzling smile and her vivid energy. We have very similar aesthetics and we are big fans of her work and all she has achieved.

Photo Credit: Bill Georgousis



1. New hobby or past time?
Meditating every day.

2. What do you miss most?
Traveling for pleasure now that i have all this free time!

3. Favorite comfort food?
Tsoureki, came at Easter and never left the house!

4. Currently reading?
Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrel.

5. Where do you get your news from?

6. Virtual Gym?
A daily walk in the woods (I managed to escape before the lockdown).

7. One Good thing that has come of this pandemic?
Time to Relax, Sleep & Think.

8. Finish the sentence: "I feel positive that when this situation is over..." I will appreciate every moment more!

9. Biggest fear about life after corona?
The side effects after Corona (fear of touching, kissing and being intimate again.)

10. Virtual Hang out App?
Zoom but not a real fan of those apps

11. First thing you will do when you get out?
See my parets and sisters.

12. How do you think Corona will affect the jewelry industry in the long run?
More virtual shopping maybe?  nobody really knows yet… but women will never be without jewelry that’s for sure.

13. Finish the sentence. "I finally found the time to get around to doing..." absolutely nothing!

14. Where are you spending the quarantine and with whom?
My sister Nikomachi and her family in their house in Nymfaio.

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