We are honored to feature Rebecca Camhi on our #stayhomejournal. To anyone involved in or interested in the Athenian art scene, Rebecca clearly needs no introduction.

Rebecca Camhi, founded her renowned gallery in 1995. The gallery was initially located on Sophokleous street, on the top floor of a pre-war building overlooking the Parthenon. Since 2008, Rebecca Camhi gallery has moved to a new space in a neoclassical building in Metaxourgeio, Athens downtown. The gallery handles works of all media, including painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, drawing and engravings.

For almost 25 years, the gallery’s artistic agenda has been focusing on contemporary art by promoting and collaborating with international art figures including Nan Goldin, Nobuyoshi Araki, Julian Opie, Ross Bleckner, Sean Landers, Rita Ackermann, Guy Limone, Tracey Moffatt, Bill Owens, Philip Taaffe, Sylvie Fleury, Karen Kilimnik, Lily Ludlow as well as representing well-known Greek artists in the international arena such as Konstantin Kakanias, Deanna Maganias, Takis, Angelo Plessas, Mantalina Psoma and Nikos Alexiou.


Here's what Rebecca's been up to:

1. New hobby or past time?

My new hobby is pottery. I sit in front of the screen listening to lectures on meditation and I make pots and bowls and candlelabras

2. What do you miss most?
 swimming and to invite friends over for dinner

3. Favorite comfort food?
Quacker oats with chia seeds, cinnamon, cranberry

4. Currently reading?
Just started Amos Oz “between Friends” totally recommend the “A Tale of Love and Darkness"

5. Where do you get your news from?
Facebook- strict readers digest selection

6. Virtual Gym?
I have found the best instructor ever!! Highly recommend her for those who speak some French. Helene Duval on the Elle gym channel. Doubt it I will ever go back to a gym.

7. One Good thing that has come of this pandemic?
Many many good things. More time to sleep, to cook, to read, to spend time with my family, to slow down and above all a pause for the planet and potential realisation that we move too much too fast and consume too much.

8. Finish the sentence: "I feel positive that when this situation is over..."
People will have learnt how to slow down, consume less, stop abusing the planet so much.

9. Biggest fear about life after corona?
That people may not have learnt a thing from this trial and will go back to doing the same.

10. Virtual Hang out App?
Facebook / messenger.

11. First thing you will do when you get out?
Go to our little house on Sifnos.

12. How do you think Corona will affect the art world industry in the long run?
Art suffers but has proven to persist in the most difficult times. The huge international galleries who have over 40 people working for them might struggle to keep all of their employees if this goes on for much longer. `I trust that people will never lose interest in the arts as it is a vital component giving a reason to live.

13. Currently watching (movie/series)

14. Finish the sentence. "I finally found the time to get around to...”
Sort out a ton of boxes of photos filled with  friends, artists and gallerists and making piles to give to them when I next see them!, 

15. Where are you spending the quarantine and with whom?
At home with my family (Marina and Anatolia) lucky enough to have a little backyard - the gallery right at the end of the garden to be able to go to the office to work and lucky enough to be able to take one hour walks around the acropolis.

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