Sofia Karvela is a successful stylist, creative director & momma of 2. She has always been a force of nature and her candor, charisma and humor have always set her apart. Read about how she is spending her quarantine with the men in her life.

Here's what she's been up to:

1. New hobby or past time?
Full time wife and mother

2. What do you miss most?
Being in denial and quite frankly taking so much for granted. Ignorance is bliss indeed.

3. Favorite comfort food?
Cheetos & Doritos. I need a lot of comfort these days.

4. Currently reading?
Jessica Simpson, Open Book. Love her.

5. Where do you get your News from?
I refuse to. I let my husband update me on how soon we can go home. I just pray for health.

6. Virtual Gym?
As if. Running after a 4 and 6 year old.

7. One Good thing that has come of this pandemic?
Spending time with my kids and getting to realize that I should have become a teacher… proud to say I’m rocking this homeschooling thing…

8. Finish the sentence: "I feel positive that when this situation is over..."
I will never cook again. Never!

9. Biggest fear about life after corona?
That this will never end... or be forgotten...

10. Virtual Hang out App?
Nope. No thanks. If full time moms have the energy to ‘hang out’, I want what you are on…

11. First thing you will do when you get out?
French kiss strangers ofcourse.

12. Currently watching (movie/series)
As if. Try cartoons on repeat in the background blasting...

13. Finish the sentence. "I finally found the time to get around to..."
Some meditation but mostly realizing that It was not time I lacked for doing things I found to be good for me, but rather, willingness. Wherever you go, there you are has never made more sense than now… 

14.Where are you spending the quarantine and with whom?
Florida, with my boys.

15. Work?
I just signed for my very own company. Perfect timing for some real talk and clothes for living … Stay tuned…


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