Stelios is a good friend, an exceptional talent and the man that brought our flagship dream store to life. Working with him was an honor and a unique experience we will all cherish forever.

Stelios was born in the vicinity of Mount Athos in Greece. The Athonian surrounding red earth landscape, the monasteries with their mystic interplay of light and shadow and the introduction to Byzantine icon painting as a youth, were to have a lasting impression upon his later work. He moved to Rome where he studied in “Universita degli studi di Roma”. A student architectural award gave him the opportunity to travel to Osaka Japan where he studied the Japanese tradition and its focus upon balance and the eloquent interaction of light and materials.

“Kois Associated Architects” work encompasses all fields of design, ranging from urban projects to private buildings, interiors, furniture and products. The design ethos of the collaboration is the synchronized engagement in practice and research that leads to the evaluation and generation of new solutions. Research topics are drawn from natural formal and social sciences in an attempt to form an interdisciplinary network of information that will inform the decision making process. “Kois Associated Architects” works in a continuous workshop spirit with a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, graphic artists and town planners from different cultural backgrounds. The practice’s view is that only through diversity and antithesis true innovative solution emerges and manifests its self.


Here's what Stelios has been up to:

1. New hobby or past time
I have been always eating out, never cooked. I have started to seriously enjoy cooking.

2. What do you miss the most?
Hugs, in general physical contact with people.

3. Favorite comfort food ?
Ice cream

4. Currently reading?
‘The Eyes of the Skin’ by Juhani Pallasmaa

5. Where do you get your news from?
The web

6. Virtual gym app?
I am not a big fan, rather been doing the real thing outside even if it is for less time. It is fortunate that we have good weather during this.

7. One good thing that has come out of this pandemic.
The pandemic has highlighted the fact that money is less important than health and has shown to all of us that there is more wealth in sharing and giving than obsessively accumulating capital.

8. Finish this sentence ‘I feel positive when this situation is over…’
People will grasp that humanity with all its technological and medicinal wonders is yet powerless against the primordial forces of nature.

9. Biggest fear about life after corona
My biggest fear is that humanity will fail to understand the gravity of the current situation which will lead to a relapse and to a second wave of the pandemic.

10. Virtual hang out app

11. First thing you will do when you get out
Observe people to see how they process the aftermath of the virus.

12. How do you thinκ corona will affect your industry in the long run?
Despite the general gloominess and pessimism that has prevailed during the current situation, I choose το stay positive. I believe the overall experience will lead people to reevaluate the stay-at-home experience, the importance of the dwelling, the space of our repose and self-reflection. Hopefully they will acknowledge the importance and the pivotal role that a well-designed space plays in our lives and how it enriches our living experience

13. Currently watching (movie or series)
BBC’s Around the World in 80 Gardens with Monty Don

14. Finish the sentence I finally found time to get around to doing ….
…a bit of staying at home

15. Where are you spending quarantine and with whom
Mi casa with my alter ego

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