Our beautiful, super chic friend and collaborator Vana Krimnioti is an accomplished architect and interior decorator. She oozes style and is known for her eclectic taste. We have collaborated with Vana in our homes, our new office, our first store in Mykonos and each experience left us immensely satisfied. We love working with this creative lady!  


1. New hobby or past time?
My new hobby is making color moodboards out of items that i have at home.

2. What do you miss most?
The sea.

3. Favorite comfort food?
Tahini with nuts.

4. Currently reading?
Rena Dumas: An interior Architecture.

5. Where do you get your news from?
mononews.gr & newyorktimes.com & friends i trust.

6. Virtual Gym?
I'm more of a traditional type in gymnastics, long walks are added to running outdoors.

7. One Good thing that has come of this pandemic?
People's display of solidarity is touching.

8. Finish the sentence: "I feel positive that when this situation is over..." New priorities will be set on work and personal time.

9. Biggest fear about life after corona?
No fear. I want to prepare myself for changes in my


10. Virtual Hang out App?
Face time!

11. First thing you will do when you get out?
Have a quiet dinner with my close friends.

12. How do you think Corona will affect the jewelry industry in the long run?
Everyday life and human habits will be affected by Corona. I do believe that we will all become more selective on spending money. Jewelry industry has always been a high market that will remain as such. Those who appreciate arts and crafts will continue on investing on a good piece of jewelry, that pass on to the next generation.


13. Currently watching (movie/series)

14. Finish the sentence. "I finally found the time to get around to..."  spending and enjoying time at home.

15. Where are you spending the quarantine and with whom?
I am only spending time between home and the one of a close friend.

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