Reinstein Ross


      Ileana Makri’s first collection as the Creative Director for fine jewelry brand, Reinstein Ross, is a nod to Greek Mythology with an assortment of intaglio and cameo pieces. The brand has always incorporated Etruscan, Indian, Roman, and Byzantine design elements into its aesthetic, and Ileana will continue drawing inspiration from ancient civilizations around the world. This collection, rich with symbolism, features Ileana’s personal champions that she has admired throughout her life, celebrating Greek Heroines, including Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Demetra, Hestia, Nike, Ariadne, Eos, Themis, Artemis, the three Graces and of course Psyche and Eros (Cupid) the god of Love. These powerful figures who are woven into multiple Greek myths are women who not only maintain a balance of power and harmony amongst their community, but they also bring assistance wherever it was needed in the world. The figures captured in Ileana’s debut collection for Reinstein Ross are meant to remind us to love life and enjoy the best of today, even when we’re thrown roadblocks. Along with the Cameo / Intaglio collection Ileana designed several one of a kind items, drawing inspiration from RR’s vast collection of beautiful and rare gems.

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